The Best Small Bar Snacks for Different Drinks

One of the great aspects of the small bar movement is that smaller bars can offer a more specialised and distinct menu, which is great for people who love specialised spirits and covet vintage wines.

Here are some bar menu items you can offer that will enhance the more refined drinks you have on offer.

Red Wine with Slow Cooked Meats

Red wine is the perfect accompaniment to the slow cooked meats such as beef cheeks and oxtails. It can be used to create more traditional meals such as small cups on osso bucco, as well as modern takes on the bones such as roasted bone marrow. For a more carbohydrate influenced snack, fat cut chips cooked in beef fat can also be great with rich, red wine.

For sweeter wines dark chocolate barks with a lacing of salt and berries can also bring out some of the most complex notes in the wines.

Vodka with Sprouted Greens

Vodka has a neat and clean tasted that goes well with green vegetables, such as sprouted lentils, peas and spinach. Polish influenced pierogi dumplings with filled with potato and sauerkraut are also fantastic washed down with icy cold vodka shots.

For a sweeter treat, pair the vodka with minty or bitter orange sorbets or tangy slices.

Whiskey with Pies

Whiskey is a delicious drink to have with small pies, full of rich tastes such as such as beef and kidney, or spatchcocks and creamy vegetables such as cauliflowers. Try munching on some roasted and salty chickpeas for a similar taste to nuts, with a uniquely healthy kick. Vegemite on crackers is a surprising bar snack, which can be really good paired with a super smoky vintage whiskey.

It also goes well with molten chocolate puddings and creamy mini ├ęclairs or a complex cheese plate with vintage cheese and figs.

Gins with Cold Meats and Fish

The herbal flavours of gin go well with cold meats such as smoked salmon, chicken or fish. You can pair this with lighter, less matured cheeses and fine water cracked for a gentle taste sensation. It also can be served with slivers of fresh, seasonal fruit and simple syrup to bring out the complexity of the gin.

If you are a small bar owner, unique bar snacks are an important part of cementing your reputation as the best bars in your area. Try to offer a range of new snacks to see which best resonates with your client.