Tastiest Restaurant Cuisines For Vegetarians

In the past, for vegetarians, restaurant eating often yielded limited meals of salads, side dishes and appetisers. Luckily over time more restaurants have taken vegetarian cuisines seriously and have started to broaden out the vegetarian options on their menus. Here are some sure-fire restaurant options to yield tasty options for you and your dining companions.

Indian restaurants

Indian restaurants have traditionally had some tasty and spicy plant-based protein options, including chickpea curries and lentil Dahl's. With a strong cultural history of vegetarianism, not only will your meals be tasty, but also they will be nutritiously balanced. If you are vegan, be sure to ask if ghee has been used to cook any of your options, as many Indian foods use ghee (clarified butter) as their cooking oil.

Mexican restaurants

While rice and beans is a staple meal in Mexico, there is a range of delicious options on most Mexican restaurants. Bean based fillings for enchiladas and tacos are common, as are bean-based toppings for nachos. Equally popular are rice stuffed peppers, featuring capsicums stuffed with cheese, rice and other vegetables. Avocados are also a common feature in Mexican foods and provide a creamy, healthy fat source for vegan meal options.

Nigerian restaurants

As the immigrant African community has grown in Australia, there are more and more African restaurants opening up. Great vegetarian options in Nigerian food include fried plantains, efo (a vegetable soup based on melon seeds and tomatoes) and fufu made from cassava. There are also many spicy bean curries, dips and stews on offer.

If you are sensitive to peanuts, be sure to ask for peanut free dishes, as many Nigerian vegetarian meals use peanuts and peanut oil to add fats and crunch to vegetarian dishes.

Lebanese restaurants

Lebanese foods also have a great range of vegetarian foods. The felafel is a common vegetarian option, as are hummus and tabouleh. There are also many dairy based meals, including labra (strained yoghurt) and fried cauliflower in tahini (crushed sesame paste).

Lebanese restaurants can also be a great place to try some tasty dessert. Date based sweet treats including baklava, and sweet porridges can also be a lovely indulgence at the end of a night out and go well with strong Lebanese black coffees!

If you are looking to head out for a vegetarian meal, extend your search to include a range of cuisines to get the most options. For more information or advice, contact a business such as Mrs Robinson.