Understanding the Various Types of Sushi You Can Order

Sushi is one of the popular Japanese dishes comprising small balls of cold, cooked rice flavoured with vinegar and garnished with raw vegetables, eggs, or fish. There are several types of sushi, which are made using different ingredients. However, seasoned rice is the primary ingredient in sushi, and most of the other ingredient used for garnishing are a matter of preference. You can choose to have the seasoned rice garnished with raw fish, vegetables, eggs or a combination of any of these items. When you walk into a sushi restaurant, here are some of the types of sushi you should know to help you know what you want to order:

Nigiri Sushi

Nigiri sushi refers to hand-pressed sushi. Typically, the nigiri sushi rice is hand-moulded into a rectangle and garnished using wasabi on its top. Wasabi is a Japanese vegetable served in the form of a paste. Often, the nigiri sushi comes with a tuna or salmon topping, although other seafood such as octopus and squid can also be used.

Maki Sushi

Maki sushi means rolled sushi. It is one of the most commonly served sushi especially to those who do not have adequate knowledge of the type he or she should order. It is relatively easy to make, unlike nigiri sushi, which explains the reason a restaurant would have plenty of it ready to be served.

Here, the sushi rice is prepared and rolled into different toppings. Often, the rice is rolled in nori (seaweed), although cucumber, perilla leaves, or thin omelette can also be used instead of seaweed. The size of the roll ranges from small to large, depending on the number of ingredients used.

Chirashi Sushi

Chirashi sushi is also referred to as sushi salad or baraz sushi. Here there is no rolling or shaping of the cold, seasoned sushi rice. It is served scattered with pieces vegetables or fried eggs. It has no meat, which explains its popular salad name. Usually, the choice of vegetable or fruit toppings you want is left to you. You can go for bamboo shoots, carrots, green beans, avocado, or lotus roots, which often work well with this dish. This sushi is served in bowls because the rice is scattered.

Sushi is highly nutritious because of the fresh serving that comes in the form of raw vegetables and fish. Most of the servings are also healthy because of the low-calorie content. If you're interested in getting some sushi today, contact a catering company like Pink Rice.