What can vegans order at the Chinese takeaway?

Being vegan is great for the planet and great for your health, but it's not always the best for your social life. When you are with a group of meat eating friends who are eager to order a popular takeaway, you can be left with little to no options. With some knowledge of what to order and a few simple ordering hacks, you should, however, be able to fill your belly with a delicious meal. The local Chinese food takeaway is always popular, but if you are stuck for what to order, here are a few options that should always be winners.

Sichuan tofu. China is a huge country and each region has its own type of cuisine. If you are into spice and big punchy flavour, food from the Sichuan province will be right up your alley. This region is known for its fiery peppercorns and chilli oil that set every dish on fire. Sichuan tofu is a very simple dish that is flavoured with fermented bean paste and those famous fiery peppercorns, and you won't be able to stop at one portion it's so delicious.

Vegetable spring rolls. So many people think that vegan food is all about salads and steamed yams, but vegan food has its fair share of comfort food as well, and who can resist the crunch of a veggie spring roll whether they are vegan or not? Spring rolls can be found in practically every Chinese takeaway joint across the land so these should not be hard to come by. Dipped into some sweet chilli sauce, these are the perfect Friday night treat.

Bubble tea. If you need something to drink to go along with your meal, then a refreshing glass of bubble tea, or boba, could hit just the right spot. Some iced bubble teas have milk in them so be sure to specify that you want a bubble tea with no milk in it. The chewy tapioca balls inside the tea make for a fun and interesting drinking experience that's way more exciting than another glass of green tea.

Whenever you order Chinese food and you want to make sure it's vegan, also be sure to ask if the food has been cooked in fish sauce or meat stock, which can be common. You can also have regular dishes adapted for your Vegan diet. For example, mapo tofu is a tofu dish with pork, tomatoes, and lots of spice, and some places will be happy to omit the pork for you. Happy eating!