The Restaurant Proposal: Top Tips When Choosing a Restaurant to Propose.

Did you know that restaurants are the best place to hold proposal parties? The extract below discusses the various considerations you should make when choosing a restaurant or cafe for your proposal. 


The café should be conveniently located. This is especially the case if you intend to invite a few friends and relatives. The establishment should have sufficient parking spaces and adequate security. Waterfront restaurants or those with a rooftop swimming pool will provide the perfect atmosphere to propose. 


Proposals should be a memorable event. Therefore, evaluate the restaurant's ambiance and ensure it provides the right environment to ask the big question. For instance, does the restaurant have sufficient spacing? It would be difficult to discuss private affairs if you think that people seated next to you are eavesdropping. What kind of music does the restaurant play? Loud music means that you will have to shout. Is the restaurant's design appealing to the eye? Potted plants, glass walls, paintings and ambient lighting can significantly improve the mood.

The Willingness of the Management to Help

Visit the restaurant and inform the management of your intention to make the restaurant a venue for your proposal. You may need help with the following: 

  • If you intend to invite friends and family, you may need to reserve some private space to ensureyou do not disrupt other customers.
  • You may ask the management to conceal the ring in a wine glass or piece of cake.
  • To make the event more memorable, you could invite your partner's favourite band to play at the restaurant.
  • You might also want to put up some décor and surprise your future spouse with a 'Will you marry me?' banner.
  • You may need somewhere to hide proposal gifts.


What is a proposal without good food? Examine the restaurant's menu and ensure it has your partner's favourite meals. Do not be afraid to try out something new. Remember that it's a big day for both of you. Most restaurants will agree to cook unique foods at your request. Check the quality of the wine, champagne and beer available at the establishment. Do not forget to check the price list. Everything should be within your budget.


Make reservations a few weeks in advance. Visit the restaurant a few hours before your date arrives to ensure everything is in order. Finally, do not forget to tip the people that made your day a success. 

When choosing a restaurant for your proposal, evaluate its location, ambiance, quality of food and drinks. Additionally, the management should be ready to help you plan the event. With the above tips, all you can expect is a yes once you pop the big question.