Top Tips When Choosing a Restaurant for Your Wedding Reception

Restaurants are a popular reception venue for most married couples. However, choosing a restaurant for your wedding reception can be a nerve-wracking experience. Read this guide for some tips. 

1. Location and Amenities

As a rule, the restaurant should be close to your wedding venue. It ensures guests and the bridal team have an easy time accessing the restaurant. Examine the restaurant's amenities. For instance, it should have sufficient parking for your guests. Besides, the washrooms should be sparkling clean. The restaurant should also have adequate security.

2. Ambience

Examine the restaurant ambience. Typically, the restaurant should be beautiful. Remember, you want to make memories that will last a lifetime. Some restaurants will have state-of-the-art-décor, a rooftop, waterfront or an incredible city view. You should also check the available sitting space. You will need a large restaurant if your wedding will have hundreds of guests. 

3. The Menu

Food is probably the most crucial aspect of your wedding reception. As such, check the restaurant menu to know whether the available foods are ideal for your wedding guests. Consider the following when evaluating the restaurant menu: 

  • How big are the portions? 
  • If possible, the foods should be freshly prepared. 
  • The menu should have a wide array of dishes, including vegetarian options.
  • Inquire whether the chef can prepare special meals on your special day. 

Select the food items that you would want to be served during your wedding day. Most restaurants will allow you to conduct a tasting. The tasting enables you to recommend some changes. For instance, you could ask them to make the food spicier or less oily.

4. Management Policies

The management policy could encourage or deter you from engaging the restaurant's services. Some of your concerns should include: 

  • What are the restaurant's operating hours? If the establishment closes early, you may have to adjust the wedding program.
  • Will management allow you to decorate the reception venue?
  • Inquire if the restaurant has a noise policy? Remember, your guests will want to cheer and celebrate your wedding.
  • Ask if you are allowed to invite bands or musician to the reception venue. 

Most restaurants will adjust their policies to ensure that you have a memorable day. Besides, it is also a way to attract new clients. 

People that would want to hold their wedding reception in a restaurant should assess its location, amenities, ambience, menu and management policies. Contact local restaurants to learn more.