What you Need to Know Before Ordering Wagyu Steak

On your latest trip to your local steak house, you might have noticed an expensive type of meat on the menu call Wagyu. With such a high price point, Wagyu has to be something pretty delicious, right? Well, many people seem to think so, and there is certainly a lot of fuss around this kind of beef steak. But before you empty out your wallet on a piece of meat, you probably want to know a bit more about Wagyu.

How to Pick the Perfect Restaurant for a Blind Date

Blind dates can be stressful enough without having to worry about which restaurant to choose. If you're hooking up with someone you've never had the chance to meet, you'll need to take more things than normal into consideration. The Location You'll need to select a location before you decide anything else, so let's break down the best way to do so. Unless you're picking your date up, you probably don't know exactly where they live, but you can at least request the general area.

Popular Types of Indian Curries & Their Flavours: A Guide for Diners

When you think of India, apart from Bollywood movies and the majestic Taj Mahal, it's likely that hearty and flavoursome Indian curries come to mind. For those that go to an Indian restaurant like Royal India Restaurant it's one thing to be familiar with butter chicken, but it's another to decide between the vast amount of other curries on offer, each with an array of diverse flavours and spices. Each region of India has it's own popular curries, some creamy and mild and others on the fiery end of the spice scale.

Tastiest Restaurant Cuisines For Vegetarians

In the past, for vegetarians, restaurant eating often yielded limited meals of salads, side dishes and appetisers. Luckily over time more restaurants have taken vegetarian cuisines seriously and have started to broaden out the vegetarian options on their menus. Here are some sure-fire restaurant options to yield tasty options for you and your dining companions. Indian restaurants Indian restaurants have traditionally had some tasty and spicy plant-based protein options, including chickpea curries and lentil Dahl's.

The Best Small Bar Snacks for Different Drinks

One of the great aspects of the small bar movement is that smaller bars can offer a more specialised and distinct menu, which is great for people who love specialised spirits and covet vintage wines. Here are some bar menu items you can offer that will enhance the more refined drinks you have on offer. Red Wine with Slow Cooked Meats Red wine is the perfect accompaniment to the slow cooked meats such as beef cheeks and oxtails.